Private guided  Safaris

Tailor-made and private guided experiences to make our guests feel comfortable and safe in the wild and breathtaking nature of Africa

Lodge Safaris

Travelling in-style and comfort on our lodge-based safaris. With our fundamental know-how and long lasting experience of guiding guests through the African bush, we combine fancy lodges and authentic accommodation to an unforgettable overall journey for every budget.

Camping Safaris

Falling asleep to the sounds of roaring lions and singing night-jars is one of the most magical moment in the African bush. On our camping safaris we go wild and camp where the animals hunt. Whether wild-camping, fenced campsites or lodge-camping, we always find the perfect mix for our guests to have the best experience but still feeling safe. To ensure the recommended comfort we are specialized in camping and lodge combined journeys.

South Africa




Zambia / Zimbabwe

East Africa