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South Africa

A classical South Africa journey to the Kruger National Park, followed by a scenic drive along the stunning Garden Route to the mother city of Cape Town can be combined with the visit of more remote and less touristic places. Contact Chilombo Safaris for an itinerary off the beaten track.


Picturesque landscapes full of spiritual and powerful places in the Namibian desert. Traveling to the endless dunes and pans at the shores of the Atlantic coast offers an adventure for the whole family. A campfire under the stars of the clear desert sky, climbing the sand dunes for sunrise or going on a game drive into the Etosha pan, are only a few of the highlights that make a journey to Namibia unforgettable.


A delta that doesn't flow into a sea but trickles away into the Kalahari desert - a natural phenomenon the Okavango delta in Botswana stands for. The delta is full of wildlife and can be explored with a Mokorro, the traditional boat that glides through the channels in the papyrus fields. Botswana's National Parks are still wild and can be explored from Lodges or basic camping spots right in the nature.

The story behind

Chilombo Safaris is a small company founded by two well experienced bush-lovers to serve the niche market of authentic private guided and tailor-made safaris in Southern Africa. Together with our guests, we design unique journeys and offer highest service standards on all our trips. The equipment we use fulfills all the comfort needed on our safaris and is based on the different styles we travel.  

Who we are

Tony is the pulse of Chilombo Safaris, responsible to give our guests the best experience of his homeland. He is well-traveled throughout Southern and East Africa and his know-how about flora, fauna, culture, geology and history is better than every bookshop. He is passionate about his environment and always makes sure that the guests are safe.

Gillian is the brain of Chilombo Safaris, responsible for bookings and planning and to ensure the high Swiss-based standards within all administrative processes. With her fundamental know-how about Africa, she is traveling for Chilombo Safaris as well, especially when German translations are requested.


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